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Therapy /Counseling


  • I specialize in treating anxiety. I am proud and happy to say that majority of my clients clients have shown improvement and reported feeling better within  3-4 sessions. I utilize effective and evidence- based treatment approaches, including CBT and REBT techniques.

  • Parenting Support-  becoming a parent may affect not only your physical wellbeing   mental health due to increased stress and anxiety triggers. If you're expecting parent(s), or you've adopted a child/ children,  or entering a relationship with a person who already has children (blended families) it is important to understand and learn what to expect, which techniques to use to help your children and yourself deal with the change/ changes in an effective and healthy manner

  •  Healthy choices and habits.  If you're  worried about the choices your child/ teen is making or don't feel comfortable discussing healthy sexual habits with your teen, please let me help you to communicate with your child in an effective 

  • Grief and Loss Counseling- we can experience grief due to loss of a job, a significant other or a pet,  a place to live or a business. Dealing with grief and/or loss on your own may be difficult task..Let me help you.

  • Work and Career issues- thinking of changing a career? Experiencing a lot of stress at work? Give me a call.

  • Anger and Stress Management-  I will provide you with variety of relaxation techniques you can use anytime and anyplace. I will teach you how recognize early signs of anger and how to deescalate the intensity of the emotion.

  • Addiction & Recovery *- providing substance abuse treatment for teens and adults.

  • Also providing treatment for Sex/ Porn Addictions.

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How I see therapy:
Therapy is discovering, acknowledging, nurturing your inner strengths. It's making a connection between your inner and outer reality. I believe that we have all the answers within us & sometimes we may require guidance in seeking them. My job and my goal is to get to know you, and connect with you so I can effectively help you discover the set of skills that will be helpful when dealing with life events.

I encourage you to read about different approaches to counseling:


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