Therapy /Counseling


Treatment specialization includes:

  • I enjoy working with teenagers and adults who struggle with Depression and Anxiety- I utilize various evidence- based treatment approaches, including DBT, CBT and REBT techniques.

  • Parenting Support- welcoming a new family member? worried about the choices your child/ teen is making? Don't feel comfortable discussing healthy sexual habits with your teen? Let me help you communicate with your child.

  • Grief and Loss Counseling- we can experience grief due to loss of a job, a significant other or a pet,  a place to live or a business. Dealing with grief and/or loss on your own may be difficult task..Let me help you.

  • Work and Career issues- thinking of changing a career? Experiencing a lot of stress at work? Give me a call.

  • Anger and Stress Management-  I will provide you with variety of relaxation techniques you can use anytime and anyplace. I will teach you how recognize early signs of anger and how to deescalate the intensity of the emotion.

  • Addiction & Recovery *- providing substance abuse treatment for teens and adults.

  • Also providing treatment for Sex/ Porn Addictions.

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How I see therapy:
Therapy is discovering, acknowledging, nurturing your inner strengths. It's making a connection between your inner and outer reality. I believe that we have all the answers within us & sometimes we may require guidance in seeking them. My job and my goal is to get to know you, and connect with you so I can effectively help you discover the set of skills that will be helpful when dealing with life events.

I encourage you to read about different approaches to counseling:


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